Digital Fabrication

I have been interested in Digital Fabrication ever since I visited Fab Lab Kamakura in high school.

The ability to bring computational structures into the material world while maintaining the freedom provided in digital worlds is amazing and exciting.

On a more currently practical note, being able to make customized items for daily use is very nice :)

I laser engraved my laptop at FabCafe Tokyo with a few of my favorite phrases.

  1. "Ich bin meine Welt."
  • This is a phrase from Ludwig Wittgenstein meaning "I am my World." from the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus.
  1. "λ それ.そう"
  • This is a combination of Lambda Calculus and the phrase "それはそう".
  • Lambda calculus is an idea that originates from Alonzo Church and provides another way to look at computable machines. The more popular way that computability is understood is the Turing machine. A simplified understanding of the meaning of λx.y is to think of it as functions f(x) = y in math.
  • "それはそう" (Translates to "That is that.") is the ultimate tautology. I personally believe it emcompasses all expressible statements and is the most minimal statement.
  1. e^iθ = cosθ + isinθ is Euler's formula. It's the first mathematical equation that I worked through and derived on my own, instead of in school, so it holds a special place in my heart.